Thursday, February 27, 2014

Throwback Thursday: "Snow" More!

2004 - Clearly, another snowy winter. . . .

I just posted an old photo on Facebook as an infrequent participant in the grassroots movement known as "Throwback Thursday." So, I decided to start my own blog version by posting old layouts on Thursdays. We'll see how long this lasts, but it is worth a shot.
I am sitting here at my crafting table, in front of my decrepit laptop, enjoying the sunshine just outside the window and wondering when, or if, I will ever see the grass in my backyard again. There are tiny pockets of brown vegetation here and there - brown leaves, brown branches, brown grass - but nothing green, nothing that says spring is coming.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am among a small - very small - minority of people who think this has been the best winter in a very long time. Frequent storms. Snow measured in feet and inches. Good stuff. The anticipation of snow makes me giddy. My friends have been cursing me for weeks now, blaming me as the reason for this particular winter season.

Now, it really could just keep on snowing but for one tiny little thing.  I sing in a chorus. It is a regional chorus here in northern New Jersey. Our membership runs to about 80 singers. We lose a few in the winter - to Florida, to warm homes without dangerous sidewalks, to Italy even - but we soldier on, we few who are left.  

And we have a concert in one week. Mother Nature has already played havoc with our schedule. we cancelled once due to extreme cold. Then we cancelled due to extreme snow. And, now, another kaboom of snow may interfere with concert week.  Seriously?  

So, in the hope of either moving that storm up a day or so or forcing it to go away altogether, I an posting two old layouts of winters without snow. With the first, from 2008, I hoped to remind Mother Nature that snow was in order. (And, yes, I sewed all those sequins and beads on to the paper.  What was I thinking?).

This layout from 2006 was another desperate attempt to enjoy a winter that wasn't.  This tree is in a neighbor's yard.  One very foggy morning when I went out for the paper, I snapped the photo on the left and then spent a good deal of time playing with the various filters in Photoshop, having a darned good time.

There are other old layouts with winters without snow and other with more snow that could be imagined - even ones better than this - but they predate the purchase of our scanner and I adhere to the principal of never going back.  I remember one in particular. It was April and I took photos of our deck furniture, the tulips and daffodils, the kids toys on the deck - all covered in snow.  I titled it, "10 Reasons Why It Cannot Snow in April."  The tenth reason?  I had run out of winter scrapbook embellishments. 

Enough said.


Layout Notes:  Both these layout predate my listing the supplies in the file notes in Photoshop so I cannot tell the source of any of the supplies.  It matters not since none of them are available anymore anyway!