Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More From The Mad House

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the crazy puppy who has taken over our house.  Her name is Rooney.  She is nine months old. Her cuteness is about the only thing that keeps me from showing her the door and thrusting her out into the snow that is everywhere here in the northeast.

About a month ago, Rooney returned from a two-week training program that we joked was more akin to boot camp, juvenile detention or a military academy.  For a while, she was a changed beast - she came when called, she did not pull on her leash, and she did not jump on teenage boys.

One thing, however, did not change - her fondness for paper.  She will eat any kind of paper - bills (well, that's not so bad, actually), college acceptance letters (only one), paper towels from the trash (usually covered with paint or ink or glue), magazines left on a bed (my college alumnae magazine in which I had an essay), receipts (supermarket, Michael's, Sports Authority), etc., etc., etc.  Her all time favorite, however, is the paper in this photo - toilet paper.

This evil but agile creature can sneak into the bathroom, jump up on the sink, snatch the toilet paper from the recessed little hold above the faucet and flee into the spare bedroom where she will shred the toilet paper into about a million little pieces that are just a wee bit too big for the vacuum, but too small to pick up with your hands. She does all this in less than 30 seconds. Seriously, thirty seconds.

Oddly enough, however, she only takes the toilet paper from one of our three bathrooms.  She ignores the paper in the master bath and the powder room.  In both of those rooms, we can keep the toilet paper on the holder on the wall. No, she steals it only from the boys' bathroom, the boys' lavender bathroom.  I am wondering if, perhaps, she has an aversion to lavender tile or is perhaps offended by the fact that boys are using a bathroom that was probably intended for girls back when it was constructed in 1933. This is, of course, a mystery that will never be solved.

But is it any wonder that we buy toilet paper in bulk every time the weather report includes snow?  While others stock up on milk and bread and comfort food, we stock up on toilet paper.  Go figure.

Layout Information

Supplies: cardstock - unknown (black), Bazzill (green); chipboard - handcut (some arrows), Blue Fern; chipboard letters - Maya Road (small), Cloud 9 Designs (large); paint - Folk Art, Ranger Paint Dabbers; marker - Y and  Gel Extreme; Pearl-Ex; Stickles; sticker letters (in heart bubble) - unknown.