Thursday, January 9, 2014

In the Depths of Winter

In the midst of this strange and frigid winter, I have been scrapbooking summer photographs. Not surprisingly, it does not make me any warmer, but it has sent me looking for my favorite winter photographs and layouts.

Most of my summer photos are from my beloved Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire.  We are there every summer, but we have been there only once during the winter.  It is an other-worldly place under the snow.  You can hear the frozen lake shifting and cracking all day and all night.  The snow is measured not in inches, but in feet. There have been winters there that exceed even their expectations with dire consequences. As a result, year round residents have taken to shovelling their roofs.

I took the photo above during that one winter trip.  It was back when my boys still wore snowsuits and boots when the flakes began to fly, back when a trip to New Hampshire in the winter would be considered an adventure rather than something to be endured, back when sliding down the plowed mountain of snow at the top of the driveway was still considered awesome.  

Unfortunately, the layouts from those days are in old Creative Memories albums that measure 12x15, before I had a scanner.  Going back to scan them now is a place I do not want to go.

So, instead, on this cold winter's day, I thought I would share some of my favorite winter layouts from the last few years.

My husband took these fabulous photos of our boys and our beloved dog, Molly.  The new pup loves snow, too, but not quite this much.

That is a diecut snowman coated with beeswax that was melted in a Melting Pot. The letters were coated with the wax as well. It was great fun painting on the wax.

This paper was tough to work with as I did not want to cover up the wonderful snow image on the right side.  That is mica for the title.  If I recall correctly, I put stickers on the mica and then added tons of ink, peeled off the stickers, added embossing powder and heated it - from below to prevent the powder from blowing away.

This layout is from last spring.  The snowflakes are wooden ones from the craft store, inked and embossed with various colors of embossing powder.  The "stiches" are fake - I pierced the paper and then used a white marker to simulate stitches.  I have no patience for sewing on a page.

This was another layout from just last year after the big blizzard (Nemo, I believe they called it) in February. The snowflakes are from EK Success (Jolie's). The cardstock was sprayed and dribbled with Glimmer Mist.

This layout is very old (2006) and was published is some magazine or other that no longer exists.  

These photos are from the night before Nemo last February  I cut up the lace paper since I really never know what to do with it and added lots of embossing powder.  I seem to use a lot of embossing powder of winter layouts.

 Despite the snow this winter, I have not taken a lot of snow photographs so I am still hoping (and praying and begging Mother Nature) for more snow.  Those of you who know me know that I am a snow junkie.  It is the kind of weather I love best.