Friday, January 31, 2014

Dogs Are More Than Pets - Part 2: Rooney

Rooney: (noun) - puppy known to cause more than her fair share of trouble despite having a face you cannot refuse.

I mean, seriously, look at that little face.  How could anyone refuse such a cutie?

She does not even look like a real puppy here, does she?  Right?


First, some backstory.  We lost our beloved and lovely Molly in February, 2013.  Suddenly.  Terrifyingly. Sadly.  And I missed her even though I never thought of myself as a dog person.  The search for a new Golden began, but we had a difficult time finding dark red puppies.  We were used to dark Goldens.  We thought they were smarter than the average Golden.  (We were right - see below).  We could not find any that would be available any time soon.  So, we went looking for regular yellow Goldens.  I was dubious (for good reason - see below), but went along with the plan to get a pup from a couple of vets in Delaware near where my son goes to college.  I mean, what could be better than two vets breeding Goldens?  (Plenty - see below).

Come early July, we drove to Delaware and brought home Rooney, named for Wayne Rooney who plays soccer for the Manchester United Football team in Manchester, England.  She was not named for Andy Rooney or Rooney Mara or any Rooney other than Wayne. It beat out Maisie when push came to shove (and I lost).  I should have known trouble was brewing with a name like Rooney.

Yes, for you see, Rooney, a.k.a., Roo, RooRoo, Roonster, and the Rooster, is also known far and wide and on Facebook as THE EVIL ONE.

Yes, I said it.  Evil.  Pure, unadulterated puppy evil.

Why, you ask?? How could that be??  After all, she is so cute and looks so sweet and innocent?

She cuddles with stuffed animals on the sofa (which is a forbidden place, but, geez, look how cute!).

She plays adorably in the snow using her nose as a plow like a cow-catcher on a steam engine.

She could catch anything thrown her way from a young age including this pint-sized Frisbee.

Good looks and talent.  But do not let this adorable face fool you. Behind that sweet little nose and those cute little eyes, lives a heart of puppy evil. . . .

That's right.  Rooney is a toilet-paper-eating, shoe-stealing, receipt-devouring, bedspread-defiling, teenage-boy-jumping menace to humanity.  There is nothing on the floor that she has not nibbled.  No finger goes unbitten. No baseboard or kitchen cabinet remains unchewed.  No shoe (on foot or off) is safe from the ravages of her teeth.  We have spent more money on toilet paper since she came into our lives that we did in all the years before put together!  Forget stocking up for the inevitable three-inch snowstorm.  Snow has nothing on this beast when it comes to our need for hoarding toilet paper.

We consulted friends.  We engaged the skills of a trainer.  We bought every treat known to dog-kind.  We got nowhere.

So, in desperation, we sent the evil one (who was also labelled Gooney by a Facebook friend) out for training.  Oh, sure, they called it a puppy training camp, but we knew the truth.  Boot camp! Military school! Juvenile detention!  All I knew is that for two weeks we could leave shoes on the floor.  We could put toilet paper in the toilet paper holder!  We could leave paper and magazines on the sofa for reading later on. Food on the side table?  No problem!  A real bedspread on the bed?  No worries!!!


Those two weeks flew by in a blur of items left where they did not belong, but neither were they chewed, nibbled, or destroyed!

And then she was to return.  We waited with baited breath, wondering if she would be the same evil dog we knew (and, yes, loved).  We hoped.  We prayed.  And back she came. . . .

It has been just over a week.  In that time, she has eaten no toilet paper.  She does not pull when we walk down the street.  She has not gone in the house.  We wondered who this dog was and what she did with our Rooney.  Friends suggested this thing was a robot who had been substituted for our pup.  We were cautiously optimistic.

And then she ate a shoe (one for the trash, but, still, it was a shoe).  And a receipt.  And posters that had been a gift to my husband for Christmas.

And we knew.  The real Rooney was still under there - somewhere, just waiting for the opportunity to show herself.

Thank goodness.  For what would I post on Facebook without the EVIL ONE for ammunition and inspiration?

After all, how can anyone refuse THAT FACE????????

And, I am sure, there will be more tales of the Rooney in the months and years to come . . . . Stayed tuned.

Layout Notes:

That Face - Supplies: cardstock - unknown; ink - Ranger Distress Ink; metal letters - Making Memories; chipboard letters - Pressed Petals; tag/card - 7 Gypsies; hinge - unknown; diecut strip - unknown; ribbon - unknown; metal charm - Tim Holtz; marker (on journaling under card/tag) - Micron.

Go Ahead and Jump - Supplies: patterned paper - Basic Grey; cardstock - Bazzill, stamps - Evalicious; findings - unknown; chipboard - Tim Holtz Grungeboard; paint - Ranger Adirondack, Ranger Distress Paint, Viva Paint;embossing powder - PSX (silver), unknown (clear); embossing folder - Sizzix; metal tape - unknown;marker - Y and C Gel Extreme; ribbon - 7 Gypsies.

Busted/Guilty - Supplies: cardstock - Fancy Pants; patterned paper - BoBunny;chipboard - Blue Fern, Tim Holtz, Bazzill; charms - unknown; buttons - unknown; acrylic - Clear Scraps; paint - Ranger Distress Pait, Fold Art; wordband - Tim Holtz; sticker letters - Making Memories, Thickers.