Thursday, December 5, 2013

Disappearing Photos

Anyone who has been to my blog in the last few days will see nothing but words and little grey circles with a line through them.  It seems that Google has taken it upon itself to delete all of the photos from all of my posts.

For that I apologize.

There is, however, not a thing I can do about it without going back through every post and reloading all the photos.  Unfortunately, I deleted all the step-by-step photographs.  Besides, who has the time to reload all those photos?

I believe this sounds the death knell for my blog.  It is just too frustrating to pursue this if Google is going to thwart all my efforts.

I cannot even find a way to contact Google about this problem.  I have written a post in their community forum, but am told that I have to change my photo settings back.  I never touched them to begin with.  I am told I have to make my photos public, but I never made them private. I am told I have to restore my photos from the Trash folder, but the Trash folder is empty.

So, that is the end of that.

Thanks, all.  It was fun while it lasted.